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Hey everyone, I'm knew in here and I brought a gift. I wrote this after looking at the pictures in which were posted for inspiration. In the one picture I swear Sean is grabbing Orlando's ass. But anyway way...

Title: Psychology
Author: his_precious
Pairing: Bloom/Astin
Rating: NC-17, launguage and sexual content
Summary: In Orlando's point of view during and after a movie Premiere...
Disclaimer: I do not own or know either actor and to my knowledge none of this ever happened, but don't we all with it did...
Notes: Thanks to Biezy for posting those pictuires...


I had been sitting in this stupid chair for... Who knows how long. All I knew was that my seemingly chaste boyfriend was driving me to the brink of insanity, and let me tell you he is anything but chaste! Him and all of his Hobbit buddies are here at the Premier of my lastest movie "The Pirates Of the Caribean: Curse of the Black Pearl".

This being the first time I've seen the man in months I was quite excited to see him, and he knows it. The two of us have only been able to maintain eye contact since our little hug on the red carpet. Everyone says it was just for the cameras, but if you had been standing behind us you would have known otherwise. I myself was surprised my Sean. He definitely isn't one for Public displays of affection (especailly he hasn't "come out" yet), so when he grabbed my ass while we posed for a picture i was obviously taken aback. Not even two seconds after Seans little squeeze I was wisked away and he stood there with the guiltiest smirk on his face. Since that moment on I've been hard, It's getting to the point where it is actually painful. Everytime I look across the room at him, has this calm collected look about him as though he hadn't even seen me earlier.

It's finally over and the bitch about it is that I can't find him. Sean Astin is no where to be found. It's almost as though he vanished into thin air. After spending 20 extra minutes fighting off the press while searching for him I finally gave up. I was going back to my Hotel Room, from there I can call him and find out where he is. The ride back to my hotel room was lonely and tiring, as was the slow ride up the elevator. I lazily made my way to my room and dug around for my keycard. This was unusal for me. I would normally be at the after party, but tonight that was the furthest thing from my mind. I opened the door and headed straight for the mini bar to get a beer. I made it about half way to the couch and look up to see Sean casually sitting there drinking a beer. I nearly jumped on him but controlled myself was I sat down besdie him. He handed me the unopened beer in his other hand.

"Hey Lando" He says easily and sips at his beer. Once the words leave his mouth lost it. I straddled his lap and kissed him forcefully. He barely kissed back and seemed to wait for me to finish ravanging his mouth. "Feel, better now?" He asks after I pull away breathless.

"NO! What the Fuck Sean? What the hell are you trying to pull tonight?" I growled at him, "First you grab my ass on the Redcarpet, you're never public. Then you fucking avoid me all night and now your act all chaste and calm." Almost panting becasue I'm getting so worked up over trying to figure him out.

"It's called reserve-psychology." Sean replied quickly with a smirk as he grabbed my ass tightly and lifted me as he got up off the couch. As he carried me across the room He captured my mouth with his. It was a deep hungry kiss. I practically threw me onto the kind size bed and followed by pouncing on me. "Do you want me to make you feel better Lando?" He asked me as he pinned me under him using his muscular body.

"Fuck yeah!" were the only words I could manage as he slowly licked up the side of my neck and earlobe. His strong hands Slowly undressed me kissing nipping and licking at my flesh as it was exposed. Once he'd finished he straddled my hips and barely ran the tips of his fingers over my skin which casued a shiver to run down my spine. When he reached my nipples for a second time he he unexpectedly pinched them hard between his fingers making me gasp in both pain and pleasure. It was obvious to both of us that no more foreplay was needed we had both been thinking about this all night and had been hornier than all fucking hell.

"Sean, God just fuck me damnit!" I yelled pulling him down on top of me as I wrapped my legs around his wasit. He chuckled as he shifted our positon and told me to spit in his hands. He prepared himself as much he could and pulled my hands above my head and pinning them there.

"Orlando baby, you ready?" He whispered as he looked me in the eye. I nodded as I felt him push in. It wasn't really painful anymore, just uncomfortable. He slowly pulled out and pushed in a few more time until I adjusted again. I could tell by his kiss and the look on his face that he wanted more needed more and So did I. I was now moaning uncontrollably, even if I wanted to I couldn't stop. I was asking nearing begging for more.

"Please, Sean... Oh god, Please..."I moaned deeply and my head and eyes rolled back, Sean taking this as an opertunity and began slowly sucking on my neck cutting his pace in half. It was so good that it was torture. He continued with slow pace until I began begging once again. This time however Sean's pace increased drastically until he was hammering into me, the bed shaking beneath me. I was on the brink of ectascy when he began stoking me at the same pace he was pushing into me. He only touched me three times and I came harder than I ever had before. I screamed his name over and over as he continued thrusting reaching his oun climax seconds later.

"God I missed you... " I whispered as allowed my breathing to return to normal.

"Orlando, I love you." Sean whispered into my hair as he colapsed on top of me, nuzzling at my neck.

"I love you Sean" I told him wrapping my arms around him and drifting off to sleep.
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