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Ha, I was so surprised to find a SeanA/Orli community. I was lurking for a couple days before I decided to actually join... Here's my small fic contribution. Not really Bloom/Astin, but....

Title: Pretty
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Orlando Bloom, Sean Astin
Summary: Orlando bemoans his pretty-ness and Sean is amused.

Disclaimer: Everything that happens in this fic? Yeah. All lies.

Note: Sparked my sugar high yesterday during which I was convinced Legolas was secretly a girl. Also, just forewarning you, I'm prone to ignoring anything that might have actually happened. So if this doesn't correlate with the timelines or something, err.... sorry?

Orlando flopped into a chair and announced, "I hate the world!"

Slightly startled, Sean looked up from his book, then raised an eyebrow. "What happened?" He asked, concerned.

In response Orli groaned, pressing the palm of one of his hands over his eyes as if it would solve everything. "Another guy tried hit on me while we were in town."

For a moment there was nothing but silence. Then what sounded suspiciously like muffled snickers came from Sean.

Orlando peeked through his fingers to give Sean a dirty look. "It's really not that funny."

Sean snorted. "Yes, it really is."

Orli scowled at him and grumbled, "It's not my fault that Legolas' hair makes me look like a girl."

Sean only laughed harder.

"Hey!" Orli protested, "I had to put up with Dom and Viggo snickering at me on the ride back, don't you start now too!"

"Sorry," Sean wheezed, before pressing his hands against his mouth in an attempt to stifle the laughter. It worked somewhat and soon Sean was able to look at Orli without bursting into another bout of chortles.

"Thanks," Orlando said sourly, giving his friend a disgruntled look.

Sean sent him an unrepentant grin. "It's not the hair Orli," he said wryly, "You're just very pretty. It's not a bad thing."

"I'm not pretty!"


The doorbell rang.

"I'll be right there!" Sean called out, quickly putting Lizzie down.

A few moments passed as Sean made his way to the front door, and the doorbell began ringing insistently again.

"I said," Sean growled, yanking the door open, "I was com-- Orli?"

Orli grinned at him. He looked different with his hair cut and now black, a sharp contrast from his Legolas look "Hey!" He said brightly. "I would've called, but..."

"No, no it's okay," Sean said, "Come in! Haven't seen you for a while." He showed Orli into the house and nodded at a table as he passed it, "Sit there, I'll be right back. I'll get something for us to drink... Anything you want?"

Orlando shook his head, "No, not really, water'll be just fine."

"Okay, give me a couple minutes...."

"Sure, no problem."

Orli sat there quietly for a moment before he got the feeling he was being watched. He looked around and saw a little girl to the right of him, staring at him openly. It obviously wasn't Ali, who was older than this baby, so it must be Lizzie.

When their eyes met, the girl smiled and raised her arms in a request to be held. Orlando acquiesced, and picked the little girl up, putting her in his lap. Lizzie beamed.

"Ah," came Sean's amused voice, and Orli looked up to see him coming back, two cups of water in his hands, "It seems Lizzie likes you." He set a cup in front of Orlando and went to sit across from the other two. He began to take a sip, his hazel eyes still watching.

Lizzie's smile was blinding. She raised her hands to Orlando's face and giggled. "Pretty!" She declared happily.

Orli scowled as Sean choked on his water as he laughed.
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