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Sometimes I hate myself.

Here's a reply to all of you who have been very much offended at the way I presented the Sean/Orlando story I posted yesterday.

First of all, I'm ever so sorry and ashamed. Funnily enough, I didn't at all intend it that way. It's true that it started as a squick (some silly comment made on the phone, nothing thought-out. Mostly brought it on by the way Sean kept saying "Oh god look at me I'm so fat!!" in the commentaries), but...I couldn't explain it. I AM chubby, so obviously I am NOT saying chubby people having sex is disgusting, nor making fun of Sean. I don't know who mentionned that maybe it was from Sean's POV, but yes, it was. The whole series is about accepting your own body and how appearances don't matter (and also about how somebody as drop dead gorgeous as Orlando isn't obligatory stupid or bimbo-addicted). I never meant it to be an insult to Sean, and GOD I really wish I hadn't presented it that way. *hangs head in shame* Also, I didn't write "Fat!Sean" because I considered it as a warning, but just because well, Sean ISN'T at all chubby in real life, so I wanted to make sure people knew when the story happened, and I realize now that just writing LOTR!Sean would have done the job.

I'm really really sorry about the way I presented things, and I hope you'll forgive me and concentrate instead on the story itself. The next part is really longer, and goes deeper into feelings and reasons and all, so it'd be great if you accepted to read it still.

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