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Title: Teach Me
Rating: G (so far)
Author: his-Preicous
Summary: Sean is divorced and has custody of Ali, Orlando is a teacher....
Disclaimer: You know the drill...

Teach Me

It's not easy being a single parent and a professional actor. I am beginning to believe that my daughter hates me. We haven't lived in the same place for more that 6 months on almost 5 years. When you are 8 yrs old that can really do a number to you. My thoughts continued to wander as I drove Alexandra to her he new school, It was alreadsy two months into and new school year and today was her first day of second grade. my normally hyper and talkative daughter was sitting in her seat completely still and absolutly quiet.

"Ali, something wrong honey?" I asked in a worried tone, glancing from the road to where she sat.

"I'm fine daddy." My whole body tensed as she replied in awhisper. It was at that moment when I realized that I had to start paying her much more attentiona nd spending more time with her. I vowed then ans there to do these things even if it killed my acting career.

I helped Ali out of the car when we arrived and held her hand as she entered her school. I had only registered her the day so we headed directly to the principals office. "Mr. Astin, Principal Barrett has been expecting you. You can go right in." The secretary purred flirtaiously. I nodded politely as I gently squeezed Alis hand as we entered the office.

"Good Morning Mr. Astin, Alexandra.... I would like to take the two of you on a tour of the school and then we will introduce you to Mr. Bloom and and Your fellow Classmates."

Sorry its so short...
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