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not quite dead yet [10 Apr 2008|08:51pm]

Despite the lack of activity, I'm going to keep this comm open. Maybe someone will get inspired.
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[19 Dec 2006|01:24am]

[ mood | busy ]

Hey, guys. I'm not sure if there's still any interest in this community, but I just want to ask if anyone would like to take it off my hands? I've lost interest in it myself and I know there are still a few people out there still in love with the pairing/actors, so I'd rather not just delete it outright.

If anyone's interested, just comment and let me know. :)

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It's SlashaBaby time again! [12 Oct 2006|04:51am]

Hello all,

Another year has passed and Christmas is starting to loom. Thus, slashababy's lotrips fic exchange is starting up again. Do come and join us!

The requirements are the same as previous years. This is a lotrips story exchange. All fics should be at least 1 000 words in length. We're trying to make sure that somebody doesn't write 10 pages of fic to only get a drabble in return.

+ Sign ups have started and will end on 20 October.
+ Pairings will go out by 30 October.
+ The deadline for all fics is for 10 December.
+ Fics will be posted on 25 December in time for Christmas.
+ Authors will be revealed on 31 December in time for New Years' Day.

Please come along and join the fun!
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fic offering [16 Jan 2006|06:16pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Ha, I was so surprised to find a SeanA/Orli community. I was lurking for a couple days before I decided to actually join... Here's my small fic contribution. Not really Bloom/Astin, but....

Title: Pretty
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Orlando Bloom, Sean Astin
Summary: Orlando bemoans his pretty-ness and Sean is amused.

Orli's in denialCollapse )

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Hello! [19 Sep 2004|09:49pm]

Just joined a few seconds ago and thought I'd share this...

Title: Pool Games
Author: chimerablack
Pairing: Sean/Orli
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes a swim can do you good.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, nor am I making any money.
A/N: Written for the lotrpschallenge list/grab bag challenge.

(Pool Games)
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Underneath It All Series [23 Aug 2004|01:02pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

So! Now that everything has been made clear, I hope you'll manage to read this next part with the right state of mind.

This part is most probably situated after the stuff I posted last time. There'll be one at the very beginning of their relationship (if I ever manage to nail it down, dammit!), and one after the shooting of LOTR, around the shooting of 50 First Dates.

What follows isn't very thrilling, it's just a conversation between Sean and Orlando, but it jumped on me when I was working on another part and I just had to write it down.

Title: Everything Will Be Okay.
Rating: PG.
Disclaimer: If the boys were mine, I'd be taping them right about now.

'Most of the time, I feel like a stranger in my own skin.'Collapse )

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Sometimes I hate myself. [15 Aug 2004|10:05am]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

Here's a reply to all of you who have been very much offended at the way I presented the Sean/Orlando story I posted yesterday.

First of all, I'm ever so sorry and ashamed. Funnily enough, I didn't at all intend it that way. It's true that it started as a squick (some silly comment made on the phone, nothing thought-out. Mostly brought it on by the way Sean kept saying "Oh god look at me I'm so fat!!" in the commentaries), but...I couldn't explain it. I AM chubby, so obviously I am NOT saying chubby people having sex is disgusting, nor making fun of Sean. I don't know who mentionned that maybe it was from Sean's POV, but yes, it was. The whole series is about accepting your own body and how appearances don't matter (and also about how somebody as drop dead gorgeous as Orlando isn't obligatory stupid or bimbo-addicted). I never meant it to be an insult to Sean, and GOD I really wish I hadn't presented it that way. *hangs head in shame* Also, I didn't write "Fat!Sean" because I considered it as a warning, but just because well, Sean ISN'T at all chubby in real life, so I wanted to make sure people knew when the story happened, and I realize now that just writing LOTR!Sean would have done the job.

I'm really really sorry about the way I presented things, and I hope you'll forgive me and concentrate instead on the story itself. The next part is really longer, and goes deeper into feelings and reasons and all, so it'd be great if you accepted to read it still.


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Hi there! [14 Aug 2004|09:51pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Oh dear...my friend Nyk just found this community. We were actually pretty much ready to create one, because we thought I was the only crazy person writing such a pairing. Only, we called it Blastin.

So this started as said friend daring me to write such a squicky pairing, and, since I just cannot write squick for the sake of squick, ended up being one of the most thoughtful series I've ever written (at least, I think so). I'm currently writing the very first part of the series (didn't start as one, that's why it's all mixed-up), and for some weird reason after three days of non-stop writing I find myself stuck, so I figure, maybe feedback will get me back on track? Let's hope so!! ^_^

Title: Underneath It All series
Author: many_miles_away (writing journal: cautious_melody)
Rating: R
Pairing: Fat!Sean Astin/Orlando Bloom
Disclaimer: If the boys were mine, I wouldn't be here right now. I'd be taping them.
Summary: A drabble and a ficlet. Both about the same thing: Sometimes Sean wonders what might be the attraction.


Being Sam meant so much to him that at first he didn’t care; but as months pass and the guys keep taking the piss out of him, it becomes harder to face his reflection in the pubs’ windows, let alone in his mirror. He hates himself almost as badly as John.

Orlando is the only one to spare him, and they all assume it’s because he’s being made fun of for being so groomed. The irony makes Sean smile, bitterness melting into moans in the silence of the New-Zealand night, as slender hands grip his hips from behind, steadying him.


<i>Sometimes he wonders what might be the attraction.</i>Collapse )

Please review! <3

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[29 May 2004|12:18am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Title: Teach Me
Rating: G (so far)
Author: his-Preicous
Summary: Sean is divorced and has custody of Ali, Orlando is a teacher....
Disclaimer: You know the drill...

Teach MeCollapse )

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[29 May 2004|12:15am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Here is a new story I have begun, it just the prologue...

Title: Teach Me
Author: his_precious
Pairing: Bloom/Astin
Rating: so far G
Summary: Seans divorced and has custody of Ali and Orlando is a Teacher
Disclaimer: I do not own or know either actor and to my knowledge none of this ever happened, but don't we all with it did...

...TeachCollapse )

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[17 Apr 2004|10:51pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey people, we actually need to get some stories and crap in here, I'm free and willing to write but I have no Ideas right now. So if anyone has an idea about a story between Sean and Orlando, send it to and I'll see what I can do. I love challenges!

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Elizabethtown [26 Mar 2004|12:06pm]

Im new here, but I was just wondering if anybody knew if the movie Elizabethtown is going to filmed in Etown in Kentucky? If so, I live in Kentucky (like two hours away from Etown) and I might have to go stalk a certain boy.........
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Hey, look! [18 Feb 2004|05:50pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Woot! Finally got around to giving this community a layout! The pictures are the two lovelywonderfulomgblootin that beizy posted last week.


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[11 Feb 2004|10:12pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Hey everyone, I'm knew in here and I brought a gift. I wrote this after looking at the pictures in which were posted for inspiration. In the one picture I swear Sean is grabbing Orlando's ass. But anyway way...

Title: Psychology
Author: his_precious
Pairing: Bloom/Astin
Rating: NC-17, launguage and sexual content
Summary: In Orlando's point of view during and after a movie Premiere...
Disclaimer: I do not own or know either actor and to my knowledge none of this ever happened, but don't we all with it did...
Notes: Thanks to Biezy for posting those pictuires...

...Psychology...Collapse )

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Pics! [09 Feb 2004|11:11pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

A bit of piccage to inspire you...

Click for teh hotness.Collapse )

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Notice! [16 Jan 2004|01:56am]

We must remedy this travesty!

Slashers, unite!
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[21 Dec 2003|10:46pm]

Hey everyone!

Because of the appaling lack of Blootin fics, I've been trying to come up with some sort of challenge. Something that will not only jumpstart bunnies for those already into this pairing, but convince a few others to join in as well.

Do you guys have any ideas/comments/input?
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[05 Dec 2003|04:38pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Quick little question for you guys:

What makes Orli/Sean appealing to you?

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Welcome! [04 Dec 2003|08:47pm]


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